Ideas to clarify even more what already was Claro [Claro, the company’s name, means “clear” or “bright” in Portuguese]

When the subject is digital communications and innovations, some ideas can be shockers, especially in the retail market, where results are always assessed with painstaking accuracy. Yet, those who have both feet in the future are unafraid. And they make innovation a constant.

Site Clarohdtv

Usability in first place

A virtual environment with the look and feel of the future, the new Clarohdtv website underwent an upgrade conducted by our team. It now features a more intuitive form of browsing and several unique innovations such as live programs, intelligent program searches, smooth adaptation to all types of platforms, and other highlights.

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Sites multi-plataformas

Claro Clube

The webpage of the exclusive Clarohdtv customers’ club received our team’s special attention. It was created to facilitate viewing and browsing in an environment that reveals all of the advantages of being a Clarohdtv subscriber, proud to be a part of this club.

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Site Claroclube
Comunidade Clarohdtv

When customers are truly heard

Strengthening the ties between the company and its customers, the Lithium Community served as a forum in which all the tools and opportunities needed for customers to participate in and become an active part of Clarohdtv were considered and created, a case that characterizes the company’s policy of pursuing a more participative relationship on the part of its audience.

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Assista Clarohdtv
Hotsite Indique Amigos - Clarohdtv

Profitable friendship

Together with Clarotv, our team developed a hotpage for the program “Quem Indica Amigo É,” which offers discounts to customers that refer their friends to Claro. With a modern interface design, the webpage brings together customers and employees, creating an environment that uses 3D elements to provide depth, light and shade to the layouts.

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Mídias sociais Clarohdtv