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One of Brazil’s largest telecommunications operators, Embratel chose Kindle to create the company’s solutions portal, “Embratel – Ideas That Make Things Happen.” The project’s success led to a partnership, whose second phase was Embratel’s Olympics hotpage, another spectacular hit. And more novelties are on their way out there…

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Olympiads are not just made of medals.

Olympiads are not just made of medals. Before the athletes enter the arenas to surpass their own limits, many things happen. Embratel is an official Olympics sponsor and telecommunications provider. We thus created a webpage with sophisticated layout, living colors and lots of intuitive infographics, aiming at smooth, interactive user browsing. It is a responsive hotpage, adapting itself to the most diverse platforms.

Site Institucional Petrobrás
Hotsite Ideias

Ideas That Make Things Happen

Embratel’s webpage of creative, innovative solutions needed to have characteristics similar to what it offered. Accordingly, we created a portal with sophisticated layout and bold architecture, providing users with a smooth browsing experience. It is a responsive webpage that adapts to any digital platform.

Site Petrobrás versão mobile
Bolão Petrobrás

“50 Years of History” Hotpage

To illustrate the passage of time from the beginning of Embratel’s history, 50 years ago, to the present day, we employed a typeface used back in those days alternated with a contemporary font in the website’s main section. This one-page layout imparted greater dynamics to this success story’s timeline.