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Leader is a retail giant that has always communicated emotionally with people, but it can be much more than that. Kindle received the mission of handling its website’s campaigns and of creating and producing digital innovations for the brand. The result is displayed below.

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Aplicativo Dia Das Mães Leader

From kids to their moms

For the Mother’s Day campaign, we created an app by which kids would define their moms’ profiles and, based on such profiles, the app would suggest various looks using apparel from Leader’s inventory. This was a great aid for sons and daughters to make better choices and for Leader to boost its Mother’s Day sales.

A little boost
for love

The day before Valentines Day, which is celebrated on June 12 in Brazil, we launched two integrated apps. One was for passionate couples to declare their love via a mosaic featuring pictures of the couple’s most memorable moments. The other featured all kinds of come-ons, from those employed by construction workers to the most ardent declarations of love, for singles to use to make the most of the date to find a partner. Love won!

Aplicativo Leader - Cantadas

It’s Christmas at Leader ♫

The idea was to revive the Christmas spirit and spread it through social media. Leader’s own customers took care of that. We created an app with a social Christmas tree whereby people could name their friends and relatives on the tree’s decorations, each of which had a fraternal connotation, and send them their best wishes for Christmas.

App Leader IOS

Customer selfies on
Leader’s logo

Everyone’s posting selfies on social media. It’s a trend. And since Leader loves trends, we decided to take advantage of this phenomenon. We thus created an app for Leader customers to take selfies with a Leader look, and these photos then became part of a large Leader logo full of customer selfies.

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Father’s Day game for kids

For our Father’s Day campaign, we created a game in which kids try their luck in scenes full of traps, attempting to win coupons. The more coupons they won by the end of the game, the more discounts they received to buy Father’s Day presents.

App O resgate dos brinquedos - Leader

Kids’ adventure

An evil villain decided to stop all kids from receiving a Children’s Day present and sabotaged the factories’ delivery trucks. In this game, the mission was to get the presents to Leader’s shelves using a giant slingshot. It was a download success.

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