We help care for Petrobras’ greatest asset.
You’re wrong if you were thinking of money.

The largest Brazilian company and one of the planet’s biggest oil corporations, Petrobras has to be concerned with its employees above all. Kindle helped to further this endeavor. During the FIFA World Cup, we brought fun to Petrobras offices. And through the Global Speakers application, we looked after precisely those who represent the brand all over the world: Petrobras’ international speakers.

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Site Instucional Petrobrás

Speakers Globais

This multiplatform tool trains Petrobras’ international spokespersons via online courses and materials. Moreover, it teaches them about the cultures of the places they will visit and provides a personalized section featuring information about their next trip, including the hotel and even the city’s best restaurants.

Site Institucional Petrobrás
Site Petrobrás versão tablet
Site Petrobrás versão mobile
Bolão Petrobrás

The Petrobras Predictor

In a company the size of Petrobras, even the employees’ predictor deserves a high-level digital platform. During the FIFA World Cup, we created a system by which the employees could make their predictions, compare them to those of their workmates and even compete for prizes.