Reinventing the future day by day, Kindle and WDEV discovered
mutual affinities and formed a partnership that is just beginning.

Nowadays, every brand needs to have a virtual environment
that properly communicates with its audience. Nonetheless, offering something that goes beyond
that is indispensible in the case of technology companies. That's why we upgraded
the information architecture, and created for WDEV a website with simple, fresh solutions,
as well as the company’s products.


Institutional Website

We conducted a complete restructuring of the information architecture so that the company’s products could be better presented to its customers, which led to an intuitive, objective website that facilitates user access to content of interest with just a few clicks. We also gave life to the company on the web, with an area dedicated to WDEV’s employees and internal activities.


Mobile Version

In this day and age, the whole world uses cell phones, so we created a mobile version of the website that adapts to the most varied screen sizes.